1. What was your first experience with Welsh music?

As a child, I was always passionate about Welsh music and ploughed through a collection of cassettes that were available for hire at the local library. I remember hearing the ‘Llwybr Llaethog Hey Mr. DJ' and I was stunned that something so amazing existed in the Welsh language. 'Breuddwyd' by Ust was a favourite of the collection too. I was passionate about sharing music with all my fellow pupils at school and I insisted on taking over music class to raise awareness of the wide range that existed - from Wwzz, Tŷ Gwydr and Aros Mae to Tynal Tywyll, Eirin Peryglus, Y Cyrff, Llwybr Llaethog Way and so on!

2. Who was your favourite Welsh band / musician growing up?

Undoubtedly, Llwybr Llaethog.

3. What is your favourite Welsh song or album of all time?

No idea.

4. What was the best Welsh performance you've seen?

Datblygu at CAM 2015.

5. Has Welsh music had an influence on your life or perspective towards the language in any way? If so how?

Certainly, Welsh music had a deep impact on me as child.
It wasn’t nationalistic pride or a burning desire for flag waving that were at the heart of this, but a feeling that it is a language for everyone. As one who felt a bit lost as a child, I was able to escape in Welsh music in school, it really helped develop my confidence. That is the power of music. Like any artist, it is an expression of freedom. Hearing the language being expressed through a range of different musical genres as a child proved that it is a language for everyone and a language that could be anything, to anyone.

6. What are you listening to at the moment?

I listen regularly Malcolm Neon and I have a cassette that I got as a gift from Wyn (Recordiau Fflach) that gets played in the car all the time - Meurig Yr Iodliwr. It's thrilling.

7. Finish the sentence 'without Welsh music ... ..

...everyone would be poorer.

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