There's a strong business case for companies to use the language and there's more support than ever before to help businesses, large and small, to do that easily.

The Business Case

  • Providing a bilingual service improves the quality of your customer service.

  • It can attract more business through the door - it reflects local service that shows respect  for the community and is a sure way of gaining customer loyalty.

  • It's a way of engaging more closely with customers, old and new.

  • You do not have to spend twice as much to offer twice the service - in both languages.

  • Outside Wales it strengthens the Welsh business brand.

Help for Businesses

The use of Welsh in business makes business sense - but in practice how can your company start using it? What help is available?

  • All Business Wales services are bilingual - whether your company is starting out or expanding.

  • The Welsh Language Commissioner can help businesses to plan and manage the use of Welsh and support people to use Welsh at work. 

  • The Welsh Government has developed a special online resource to help the use of Welsh in the workplace for businesses.

  • It is possible to recruit an apprentice for your company who can speak Welsh through the Apprenticeship Programme

  • If you or your staff want to learn or improve your Welsh then Welsh for Adults centres have dedicated teams of tutors who work with businesses to tailor special courses.

  • As local community organisations, the Mentrau Iaith promote Welsh in all sectors, including supporting businesses to increase their use of Welsh.

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