There are many benefits to using Welsh in the workplace.
  • Using Welsh can create a better relationship between a company and its customers. 

  • Using Welsh can generate goodwill, particularly in Welsh-speaking areas. 

  • It shows a company is proud of itself and of its Welsh presence.  

  • It’s also a mark of good practice and a boost to equality.

You can read about some companies that have successfully strengthened their use of Welsh by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Equal Status

The Welsh and English languages have equal status in public life in Wales. The Welsh Government is in the process of introducing new Welsh language ‘standards’ to improve the services Welsh speakers can expect to receive from organisations. The aim is to also increase the use of such services.

Private Companies

Most private companies are not legally obliged to provide a Welsh language service to the public but more and more see the benefits of doing so and offer it voluntarily.

If your company or organisation needs help to develop a bilingual service, The Welsh Language Commissioner is a good starting point - it has launched a new service to help small and medium-sized companies improve their use of Welsh.


Companies can get advice on all aspects of translation from the Commissioner - including how to plan bilingual meetings and documents and guidance for those commissioning bilingual work. Your local Menter Iaith and the Association of Welsh Translators and Interpreters - Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru will also be of help.

Publicise your Bilingual Service 

It pays for any company or organisation that provides a Welsh language service to publicise it. There are ‘Cymraeg’ staff badges, signs and posters available to companies and organisations for public display. Ask your local Menter Iaith for stock or the Commissioner for 'Iaith Gwaith/Working Welsh' lanyards.


With nearly a third of schools in Wales offering Welsh medium education, our bilingual workforce is growing and employing bilingual staff is getting easier.  

You can offer traineeships and full-time jobs for bilingual staff by advertising on websites such as Careers Walessafle swyddi, lleol, swyddle or golwg360.

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