Running a business is challenging but there is plenty of practical support and advice available in Welsh for you and your team.

Business Wales is the Welsh Government's business support service. Its fully bilingual website offers a wide range of resources to support business of all sizes to grow. Its mentoring service is available in Welsh and it offers some workshops and seminars in Welsh.

The Welsh Government often provides grants to help promote the Welsh language. In 2014 it awarded Technology and Digital Media grants to promoting and facilitate the use of the Welsh language through technology. Have a look to see which other areas the Welsh Government supports.

Welsh Language Commissioner

The Welsh Language Commissioner helps businesses of all kinds to develop their use of Welsh. It has regional officers who can offer practical support to businesses to help plan and manage their use of Welsh. It also assists workers and staff to use more Welsh at work and has resources to promote the use of Welsh in the workplace. You can find more information here.


A proofreading service is offered free of charge of up to 1000 words specifically for small and medium sized businesses via the Welsh Language Commissioner. It can also offer advice on best practice regarding translation and simultaneous translation.

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