There are many mixed language homes in Wales and it is perfectly natural for your child to be raised speaking both Welsh and English. Choosing and making a decision early on will make it easier to persevere later.

If you do choose Welsh, you will be giving your child the gift of two languages and of being bilingual.

If there are two (or more) languages at home, then the following situations could arise:

  • Your child keeps the languages separate - this happens very naturally when one parent speaks one language and the other parent speaks a different language with the child. In this situation it’s easy for the child to recognise which language to speak with which parent.
  • In nearly all bilingual families a child can end up mixing up the languages, especially in the early days. This is nothing to worry about and will sort itself out quite naturally.
  • Your child could use the language which is stronger in the family. Whichever one of you is the Welsh speaking parent, you will need support and some determination to carry on using Welsh. Stick at it.

You can also do the following to encourage your child to use Welsh:

  • Attend the local Cylch Ti a Fi, Cylch Meithrin and other groups which use Welsh
  • Sing Welsh rhymes
  • Read bilingual books
  • Watch Welsh programmes on S4C such as Cyw and use Welsh children's aps to play games

Remember to encourage the extended family, friends and neighbours to use Welsh with your child at every available opportunity.

Have a look at our Pre-School and Age 4-11 pages for more information on the benefits of Welsh medium education.

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