Cymraeg 2050: Welsh language strategy

The Welsh Government has a long-term vision to see the Welsh language thriving, with a million people able to speak Welsh by 2050. You can play a part in that — even if you don’t speak Welsh by understanding and appreciating its value to our culture and communities you will help increase its use in all aspects of life. 

"The Welsh language is one of the treasures of Wales. It is part of what defines us as people and as a nation. Our ambition as Welsh Government is to see the number of people able to enjoy speaking and using Welsh reach a million by 2050. This is certainly a challenging ambition, but a challenge we believe is worthwhile and necessary if we are to secure the vitality of the language for future generations."

Rt. Hon Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister and Alun Davies AM, Minister for Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language
You can read the Cymraeg 2050 strategy here.

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