Smiling Cube Studios have released Word Tango, a free word puzzle game in 8 languages for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The rules are of the game are simple: the game shows words with missing letters. Letters can be dragged to the empty positions to complete the words. The goal is to find the correct words and proceed to the next level.

Word Tango is played without a time-limit and has an infinite number of levels, randomly generated for the player. The player can earn extra coins and use a hint when they are stuck.

The developers strongly believe in supporting multiple languages;


“Most word puzzle games can only be played in a few major world languages, but many people speak a different language. We think people prefer to play in their own language. Our goal is to support more than 100 languages , big and small in 2019“

Word Tango can be played in English, Welsh and various other languages including Cornish.


The app is available on the Apple store and through Android devices

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