How about greeting everyone in Welsh for a day?

Ever fancied learning some everyday Welsh? 15 October is Shwmae Su’mae day and a great time to start learning or using more Welsh. The aim of the Shwmae Su’mae day is to show that the Welsh language belongs to everyone – fluent speakers, learners, those who have lost confidence and those who only know a few words. 

Why not try starting a conversation with Shwmae (a South Wales way of saying ‘How do you do?’) or Su’mae (for North Wales).

There are many ways to take part in Shwmae Su’mae day and to encourage others to take part.

If you use Twitter or Facebook you can share photos and ideas to celebrate Shwmae, Su’mae day by using the hashtags #shwmaesumae.

Events are held across the country to bring people together to greet each other in Welsh, organised by members of Mudiadau Dathlu’r Gymraeg (a network of people in Wales who celebrate the success of the Welsh Language) as well as the Mentrau Iaith and other organisations. 

Mentrau Iaith Cymru have also created ‘Say it in Welsh’ pamphlets to be handed out in shops, pubs, cafes, offices and other businesses all across Wales to encourage more people to give Welsh a go.

You can find out more about the Shwmae Su’mae day on their website.

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