Cerdd dant is a part of the Welsh identity

Gŵyl Gerdd Dant is the highlight of my year! There is so much support for the festival around Wales, from Anglesey to South Wales.

Cerdd dant is unique to Wales, a tradition of singing poetry to the accompaniment of a harp. I can’t remember the first time I sang cerdd dant, it was an important part of my childhood in Deiniolen - at primary and secondary school. 

Cerdd dant is part of the Welsh identity and a part of our culture and I believe it's important for the tradition to continue. It's unique - you can't compare it to anything else.

I've competed in the festival in the past, as part of a cerdd dant quartet and duet. As I've grown older I've become a nervous competitor. I'm not at all nervous when I present. But when I compete I feel my mouth go dry. After all, you get just one chance to compete! I applause all the competitors for being so brave!

So many young people attend the festival. It's great to see the youngsters taking part in such an old tradition. Occasionally you see young people competing against their parents. Many of them also compose their own pieces. It's fantastic to see the tradition flourishing.

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