I believe that my business has benefited strongly from providing a Welsh language service.

I started my business in September 2012 after attending a GO Wales Freelancer Academy and Business Wales courses on attracting customers. By providing a Welsh language service I believe that I present my business to a specialised audience that others in the industry don’t reach.

Being able to speak Welsh is an integral part of my business, especially when weddings are completely in Welsh as it’s easier to communicate ideas and feelings. I also work with children who, as is quite common in Wales, can only speak Welsh in their early years. Therefore, being able to speak Welsh myself makes it so much easier to communicate and create the best work possible.

I really enjoy working with other businesses in the industry and it’s lovely to be able to work with those who promote Welsh culture. Again, the process is so much easier through the medium of Welsh and we create work that appeals to the Welsh audience.

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