Simple ideas to increase your use of Welsh


·         Encourage speakers and learners to show that they can offer a Welsh customer service by wearing a Cymraeg lanyard or badge


·         Include a message on Welsh speakers' emails “happy to communicate in Welsh or English/hapus i gyfathrebu yn Gymraeg neu yn Saesneg”


·         Encourage the use of simple greetings – “bore da/prynhawn da—diolch” with customers face to face and over the phone


·         Why not experiment with using social media bilingually – start with some messages or include some Welsh in messages, by using expressions such as “Bore da” or “diolch yn fawr”.


·         Use Cysill/Cysgair and Microsoft Office's Welsh spell check or Apps to help speakers check text


·         Consider using .cymru and .wales for the website's domain name to give the business a Welsh online identity.


·         Why not use a Agor/Cau ( Open / Close) Welsh  sign in the window

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