Being able to speak and write in both Welsh and English could give you an advantage when it comes to looking for a job.

Public services in Wales must treat Welsh and English equally – and that means there’s a demand for people who can speak both languages. More and more private companies are also realising the benefits of offering customers a Welsh language service and want to recruit bilingual staff.

Haven't used your Welsh recently?

You may not have spoken Welsh for a while and may feel a bit rusty. You can find out how to strengthen your Welsh language skills on our Building Confidence page. 

Want to learn Welsh? 

You may not speak much or any Welsh at all but would like to learn in order to use some basic Welsh with your customers and improve your job prospects. From night classes and residential courses to online and blending learning - there are all kinds of courses to suit your lifestyle. Find out more on our Welsh for Adults page. 

Welsh Language Sabbatical Scheme

If you work in education or training then the national sabbatical scheme to improve Welsh language skills could be the answer – take a look at the information on Learning Wales to learn more.

Finding a Job

If you are ready to look for a job then many bilingual posts, including traineeships, are advertised on Careers, lleol, swyddle and golwg360.

Why Welsh?

To find out more about the benefits of using Welsh in the workplace, go to the Careers Wales website. 

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