Being able to use Welsh and English fluently is a big advantage when you're looking for work.

Many employers value Welsh Language Skills because; 

  • they could help create a better relationship between a company and its customers; helping to attract new customers and increasing loyalty from existing customers.

  • providing a Welsh language service to Welsh speakers could improve customer service; companies offering a language choice to the public receive a higher level of customer appreciation.

  • using Welsh could generate goodwill, particularly in Welsh-speaking areas. Many customers like to deal with businesses that offer a Welsh experience – seeing and hearing the Welsh language being used.

If you're an employee looking for work your Welsh language skills could be a valued asset. 

Remember : 

  • being able to speak and communicate in Welsh is a skill which is valued by employers in Wales. 

  • being able to speak and write in both Welsh and English could give you an important advantage whether you’re looking for a job or developing your career. 

  • there is an increased demand in certain sectors, such as healthcare and childcare, from employers for staff who can communicate in Welsh.

Our Learn pages have more information on where to go for help to learn or improve your Welsh for the workplace. 

There is support for business who are looking to improve their Welsh language services - our Using Welsh in Business page has more information. 

There is also further information on the Work Welsh website which you can view here;

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The Swansea-based family tea company says the Welsh language has largely contributed to its global success.

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