What is the aim of the centre?

A Language Centre for latecomers to Welsh language education where young people can attend an intensive programme of immersion in order that they can successfully  and confidently integrate with their class. A Language Centre for Welsh language pupils to refresh their linguistic skills. A centre for adults to learn Welsh enabling parents of pupils aged 3-16 to learn the language in order to support their children's education.

A centre for joint working in the fields of culture and community, offering space to Felinfach Theatre youth workers for their outreach work and to staff from Cered, the local Menter Iaith (language initiative). To promote and provide Welsh community events, opportunities to use the language in an informal social situation for all ages as the Centre can be used by Community Groups outside school hours.

What activities / resources / services are available at the centre?

The language centre has been used in a wide range of activities to promote the Welsh language, including the following:

A learning room for latecomers within the secondary sector to enable them to access Welsh Medium mainstream lessons. Meeting room for the Welsh Club and events such as the Ukulele club. This group has been invited to participate in the TREGAROC Festival which is a community music event in May. Support language projects in the secondary sector. A location for the school radio. A visit by Anni Llŷn (poetry) and Tudur Phillips (Clog dancing).

T. Llew Jones day activities. Bridging activities for year 6 pupils in the area. An evening meeting place for the Local Action Scheme. Squads in collaboration with the “In Character” company for pupils in years 4, 5, 6 and 7. 

The main challenge for the future will be to complete the primary element of the 3-16 School so that the centre is used to it’s full potential.  This means that it will be possible to draw groups of primary age pupils as well as the current secondary age pupils out of the class to help with their language skills, as the facility is located on the school campus.  It will also help with integrating those who have not previously received Welsh medium education into the classroom, along with enabling the provision of learning Welsh /language improvement courses for parents.

The activities below have already been organised for the coming year:

Setting for Sgwadiau Serennu within Primary Schools. Weekly after school surgery for teachers to refresh their language skills and prepare suitable Welsh medium resources. Encourage parents, carers and the community to attend Welsh lessons that will suit their linguistic levels. Story sessions for younger children during school hours and holiday time. Location for refresher classes/latecomer integration across the age range when the campus becomes 3-16.

Who’s part of the project?

Welsh language support team (Athrawon Bro), Head of Welsh for Adults, Felinfach Theatre, The Urdd, The school's Governing Body, Local Community Groups (outside school hours).

When will the centre be open?

The centre opened during summer term 2016.

Where is the centre?

The centre is located on the campus of Tregaron Secondary School, which is in the process of being developed into a 3-16 School.

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