Y Lle
Y Lle
Located in Llanelli’s town centre, Y Lle opened it's doors in Spring 2015.

Owain Glenister, owner of Y Lle, answers our questions.

What’s the aim of the centre?

As a community lounge, Y Lle’s vision is to develop a new way of promoting the language by encouraging people to use the facility in order to reach specific language objectives. Y Lle offers a facility in the centre of Llanelli that will motivate people to engage with the language regularly as well as be able to get hold of relevant information when needed.

What activities/facilities/Services will the Centre offer?

Available at the centre are:

  • Youth services
  • Recording and music facilities
  • Support for Welsh learners
  • Rooms for hire
  • Training rooms

Who’s part of the project?

The main partners include:

  • Volunteers
  • Carmarthenshire County Council
  • Coleg Sir Gâr
  • Welsh for Adults
  • Primary and Secondary schools
  • Partners in the music sector

When will the Centre be open?

Depending on activities.

Where is the Centre? 

Y Lle is located in the centre of Llanelli on Old Castle Road.

For more information and Y Lle contact details take a look on their website. www.yllellanelli.cymru

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