The Welsh Government have published a resource pack to help local groups plan and take action to encourage the use of Welsh locally.

Would you like to see more people using Welsh in your area? The Local Action scheme helps those who would like to work towards seeing the language prosper in their local area. 

By offering information, practical advice and a clear and appropriate work plan, the scheme’s intention is to build communities’ abilities to recognise and deal with modern linguistic needs locally. 

This pack explains how to:

  • Establish a local action group
  • Carry out research that is relevant to the nature of the neighbourhood
  • Carry out an assessment of the use made locally of the Welsh language
  • Identify action
  • Allocate resources and determine responsibilities
  • Implement the plan
  • Monitor and evaluate progress

By working with like-minded people, this scheme should give you the confidence and practical means to make a difference.

There’s much more information in the pack and you can download it here.

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