If you haven’t used your Welsh for a while – since leaving school perhaps – then you may be lacking in confidence when it comes to speaking the language.

Feeling a bit rusty?

One answer is to follow a 'Gloywi Iaith' course which will help you brush up your skills and build your confidence. 

'Gloywi Iaith' courses are available at six regional 'Welsh for Adults' centres across Wales.

Online Help

You can also find help online, such as the Cymorth Cymraeg website. Originally set up for staff at Bangor University, it's a useful resource for anyone using Welsh at work. Take a look at its series of short videos aimed at improving Welsh language skills, you'll find tips on chairing a bilingual meeting and a collection of useful office phrases.

Resources to Help You

You can also download Bangor University's Cymraeg Clir (Clear Welsh) booklet or order a copy of its handbook on improving your written Welsh - the Llyfryn Gloywi Iaith

If you've got a smartphone, the English-Welsh dictionary app, ‘Ap Geiriaduron’, is very useful. 

Other useful resources include the Cysill and Cysgair spelling and grammar checks for your computer. Online dictionaries are also handy, try Lampeter University's geiriadur.net or the University of Wales's dictionary.  

Term Cymru is a valuable online resource if you use Welsh at work.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you are a bit nervous of speaking Welsh, the most important thing is to try to practice - when and wherever you have a chance. 

Pethau Bychain (Little Things in Welsh) is a campaign to encourage people to use a little Welsh in their everyday lives - in the shop, at work, out with friends or at home with the children. The more you hear Welsh, the easier it'll be for you to have the confidence to use it often.

Remember there are plenty of opportunities to practice your Welsh socially and a host of suggestions can be found on our Leisure pages or via your local Menter Iaith.  

Take a look at what's on offer from the Welsh-language News and Media as well.


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