Learning doesn't stop after you get a job and there are plenty of opportunities to improve your skills in the workplace by getting training which can be in Welsh.

This includes improving your Welsh language skills for those less confident or who can't speak at all. There are plenty of entry level courses for workers and for those who need to boost their confidence. To hear more about the value of speaking Welsh for employers take a look at The Benefits of using Welsh page in our Business section.

If you would like to learn Welsh to use at work or in your community have a look at our Welsh for Adults page. If you can speak some Welsh but are lacking confidence you’ll find more details on how to strengthen your language skills on our Building Confidence page.

Work Welsh

This new learning programme gives employees in different sectors opportunities to learn and improve their Welsh in order to use the language with confidence in the workplace and beyond.  There is an emphasis on building confidence among fluent speakers as well as supporting learners at different stages.

The programme includes five strands:

  • Information and advice for employers ‘Work Welsh’
  • On-line welcome/reception courses ‘Work Welsh Welcome’
  • Intensive courses ‘Learn Work Welsh’
  • Courses for the early years workforce ‘Early Welsh’
  • Tailored residential courses to improve confidence ‘Use Work Welsh’

For further information, contact 0300 323 4324 or email office@learnwelsh.cymru

Training in Welsh

You can follow many workplace training courses or apprenticeships through the medium of Welsh and the best place to look is the website of National Training Federation Wales.

This is the body that represents all the organisations and individuals involved in the training industry across all sectors. The Federation has over 100 members, from small companies to large, national organisations, as well as local authorities, higher education establishments and charities.

The Federation is helping its members extend their Welsh language and bilingual provision. As courses are often tailored for the customer, the most important thing to do if you want training in Welsh is to ask what’s available or have a look at its website where there is a full list of members.

Supporting your career

Careers Wales  can offer career advice for people of all ages and includes more guidance on apprenticeships. For information on how to improve skills and training for workers at every level, including management skills, have a look at the Welsh Government's education and skills pages.


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