“ I think a common concern is that we, as parents, will be unable to help our children with their homework, but with the support of the school, Mudiad Meithrin and lots of different websites this has not been a problem.” - Mother, Blaenau Gwent.

My child currently goes to an English-medium school.Is it too late to change toWelsh-medium education?
“ All Welsh-medium and bilingual schools welcome non-Welsh speakers. In some areas your child could be taught in a language immersion unit. Here, they’ll receive focused linguistic education until they are able to speak, read and write in Welsh and transfer to the Welsh school.” - Aled Jones, Head of language unit, Cardiff.

How do I start learning Welsh as an adult?
“ There are loads of courses available. I learnt through Welsh for Adults so I can guarantee that’s a good format.” - Lynne Madden, Cylch Meithrin Leader.

How can my child get to our local school?Don’t worry if your school is not within walking distance. Contact your local council for details of the support available to help transport your child to school.


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