Thinking of moving to Wales or already have? You’ll soon start getting used to living in our bilingual nation.

You’ll quickly realise that the Welsh language has a presence in everyday life and can be seen and heard in all kinds of places — from road signs to doctors’ surgeries, from schools to sports.

The last census showed that nearly one in five of us are able to speak Welsh, that’s 562,000 people, with the highest percentages recorded in North West and West Wales.

In this section

Why Welsh

Knowing another language opens doors

How to Learn

Whatever your reasons for learning Welsh, there are many ways to start.

Socialising in Welsh

There is something out there for you

Welsh in Business

The ability to speak Welsh can be an advantage in the workplace

1 Million by 2050

The Welsh Government has a long-term vision to see the Welsh language thriving

Welsh in your Area

Find your nearest Learn Welsh centre


My Experience

Personal stories about learning and living in Welsh to inspire you 

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