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Whatever your reasons for learning Welsh, there are many ways to start. Begin by just trying out a few words and phrases like ‘bore da’ (good morning) or ‘sut wyt ti?’ (how are you?). Even just saying ‘diolch’ (thanks) will be appreciated by Welsh speakers. Start by trying to pronounce the words and phrases in this booklet.

If you want to learn with other people and make friends along the way, there are different courses available across Wales. With weekly classes as well as online,  intensive and specialised one-day courses, there’s something to suit everyone.

Find your nearest Learn Welsh provider on the National Centre for Learning Welsh websiteIf you don’t have the time to attend classes, there are many handy apps and websites you can use — such as Duolingo and Say Something in Welsh — to learn on the go.

Whichever way you choose to learn, remember to practise, practise, practise by chatting at work, listening to BBC Radio Cymru, watching Welsh language programmes on S4C, reading your local Welsh language paper or by socialising at events. Next time you’re in a café, why not try to order a ‘paned o de’ (cup of tea) or a ‘paned o goffi’ (cup of coffee)?


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