Do you work in the Health and Social Care sector in Wales? There are many useful resources to help you offer a Welsh language Service.

More than just words...

The Welsh Government have a strategic framework to strengthen the Welsh provision in the health and social care sector in Wales. The ‘Active Offer’ is the main principle of the framework, which means that staff working in the sector should offer services in Welsh without people having to ask for it.

To understand how important offering services in Welsh are to Welsh speakers, take a look at Lowri Cooke’s story about the role Welsh played in her care in the video above.

Learning Welsh

Want to learn Welsh? You can contact your Health Board or Trust’s Welsh Language Officers or the Welsh Language Champions within your Local Council’s Social Services departments. They will be able to offer information on any training opportunities within your workplace or locally. You can find more Welsh courses for all levels here.

As well as formal courses, there are a number of other resources available to help you learn Welsh - from books and CD. Take a look at our apps page for ideas.

Building Confidence

You many not have spoken Welsh in a while and have lost confidence in using the language. There are many different ways to practice such as watching S4C or listening to BBC Radio Cymru. The Mentrau Iaith also hold events where you can socialise in Welsh. Take a look at our Building Confidence page for ideas.

Need to brush up your grammar? The Welsh for Adults centres also offer advanced courses. You can find courses in your area here.

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